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Exterior Painting

The outside of your house sustains many harsh conditions from heat to cold and sun to rain. ­If required we will power wash the areas to be painted on the outside of your home to remove dirt, mold or chalking. ­Any loose or peeling paint is always scraped and sanded until it is tight so the weather has no chance to get behind it and create paint failure. Decks prepared and stained to their original beauty. ­The best available paints on the market will give you many worry free years of beauty and protection.

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Gutter & Flashing Painting - Delaware County PAApplying a fresh coat of paint to the exterior flashing - Delaware County PACompleted Exterior Painting Job Home that was built in 1600's in Aston PA

Father & Son Painting had the honor to paint the oldest lived-in house in Aston, Pa  Built in the 1600's.

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